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    anyone in cleveland ohio?

    delivering a jet ski to cleveland sunday 11/18/07,may need help getting it out of my truck bed & onto his trailer. has anyone ever did this befor,if so what is the best way? used a fork lift and straps to load. thanks for any help

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    ive done from an old trailer to a new trailer.

    So this should work just aswell for you.

    Youll need a winch or some loading straps with a winch on them.

    I removed the front part of the old trailer that holds the winch. I then placed the new trailer infront of the old trailer.

    I used the new trailers winch to winch the ski from the old trailer on to the new one.

    if you load the ski into your truck bed, place it on a large mat/carpet and face the ski towards the rear (nose at your tailgate).

    then place the trailers back beind your truck and winch it across.

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    Exclamation ????????


    I've done it tons of times outta my panel van..
    Hell at one point i had two skis and one trailer..
    Used to get my bud to reverse down the ramp into the water with ME on board..!!
    Hit the brakes and the sucker was launched.. James Bond style..

    Reverse the process at home time.. straight in the van NO problem...
    Fast and Cool..!!!

    Getting back on track..!!
    An engine hoist and two straps would do it..
    Depending on the bed height of course..
    Lift it up drive truck away.. postition trailer lower it down..!! Voila..!!

    Failing that I've done it with two decent lengths (planks) of wood covered with cardboard..
    Set the ski on the truck nose to the rear..
    Position the trailer(attached to the tow vehicle) Just over the end of the planks..
    The ski will slide down then just lift the nose to catch the end of the trailer..voila..!!

    Hope this helps you some

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    ive done it from truck bed if you load it with back of ski at front of bed it will go on trailer with two gus no problem

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