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    GTI SE 155
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    newer 4-stroke vs. good used DI

    I'm in a position to buy, for my first ski, a used '06 GTI 155, or an '03 GTX DI. The DI would be around 2.5k cheaper. Both are low hours, immaculate
    My question is, for 2-3 passenger family use, including towing a skiier/ tuber, which might be better? Which is faster, and which accelerates better? I understand that they both top out in the low to mid 50's, right?

    I guess I'm looking for opinions on overall "goodness". Are there maintenence issues to take into account as well?

    Thanks in advance

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    I've got an '01 RX-DI with over 220 hours on it and I've never had any problems with the engine. That said, if I were you I'd spend the extra money and get the 4-tec.

    Based on what I've read it seems that the DI motors are great when they're running and expensive to fix when they aren't. I've read several posts on this board and others where an owner spends $500 to get something fixed and then has another failure. Fuel pumps seem to be a common problem.

    I'm sure that others that have more experience will chime in but my guess is that most people will steer you toward the 4-tec.

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    both skis are great. The GTI is gonna be a bit faster and less to worry about. I've had the GTX DI, and now I have the 4 tec. My DI ( with 60 hrs on it) got traded in under the used warranty when it lost the fuel pump. new pump is about $600.

    Both skis run well, and both are great for family/towing. $2500 is a lot of money however, so I guess it depends on what you want to spend. when trade in time or sell time comes, I think you will have an easier time selling the GTI than you would selling the DI, just because its "new" technolgy

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    go for the GTI 155 hands down

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    If you have the extra 2.5k go for the GTI. The 155 GTI is a nice running ski and about as reliable as it gets....
    Both ski's will pull tubers great, ride 2 up great and are pretty similar for speed. The GTI feels like a heavier/bigger boat to me when riding it. Personally, I think the GTX carves better though... I'd bet the GTI will have a better fuel range.
    If you don't have the extra 2.5k then get the GTX and have fun!

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    if it were up to me, i would go for the GTIse 155...great engine, very sporty hull, 4 stroke, great on gas...its not slow either...runs 58-59 easy...also i wud think it has better towing options and more room for 3 people...go for it

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    this is a hard call:
    things to consider:
    How long are you gonna keep the ski? 06 GTI VS 03 GTX DI, you already 3 models years behind.

    Pulling a tube: I think the 4-tec will def have more low-end to pull tubes at slower speeds VS the 951 2 smoker would have to rev a bit.

    stink factor: even though 2 smokes now a days are quite cleaner, you`ll be killing your passengers/tubers with exhaust emmisions, major yuk!!!

    fuel mileage: the 951 DI is pretty darn easy on fuel...
    I`ve heard so are the GTI`s.
    side note* the Yami VX sport is the most fuel efficient machine out there, but alot less HP

    closed loop cooling VS open loop cooling of the 2 smoke??? most are at-ease with the closed loop.

    you def need something that can handle well while traveling with 3 up until you get to your tubing destination, and then it would be spotter and driver in most are you only going to have one person in the tube???

    I do know that when the 951`s have a chit fit, they are very comprehensively sophisticated and costly to repair.

    is there and extended warranty with the GTI?

    I agree with above: if you can swing it go for the GTI, less worry, more ride time = fun fun fun...PR...

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    Why don't you tell us what you budget is and we can make some suggestions for you. I have been a Seadoo guy for 17 years and picked up a Kawi STX-15F last fall to go along with my XP. It is a great ski. I suggest you test drive any ski before you buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 785xp View Post
    Why don't you tell us what you budget is and we can make some suggestions for you. I have been a Seadoo guy for 17 years and picked up a Kawi STX-15F last fall to go along with my XP. It is a great ski. I suggest you test drive any ski before you buy it.
    good advice! ...PR...

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    Exactly. Or have it inspected. You never know what could be wrong. An inspection may look expensive, but it can save you big money if it means you avoid a problem machine. It's nice to know what the machine is like under the surface, too. My GTI looks immaculate; it always looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, but it's missing two vanes in the pump and the prop is messed up. (Being fixed now, but an example of a somewhat costly repair - over $500 for parts alone - that you can't easily see.)

    Of course I'm going to say buy the GTI, because other than the sucking in a log incident that caused the damage mentioned above, it's been bulletproof so far. No trouble to pull a skiier out of the water, and it stays totally stable even with 3 people on board. That's no small feat considering 3 people at 150lbs each adds up to 450 lbs, over half the weight of the craft. The only 2 stroke PWC I've ever driven was an XP, and that's such a different boat, I can't use that comparison here.

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