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    NEED HELP, I'm installing R&D Red Heads

    I'm installing some R&D red heads on my 99 Ultra 150. There are two holes in the top for cooling line fittings -- which do I use? What kind of fuel do I need to run? Any other tips on putting these on? Thanks.

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    It would be best if you contacted R&D. They will gladly help you and even be willing to email you the instructions.

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    what your elevation....

    There heads run @ stock squish....065ths @ about 150psi...which I have ran many ski's with 87 oct with never any problems

    And if your up higher than even more to save the money and go 87...but if you fell unsafe with it run 91 and spend the $3.60 a gallon.

    But if it was my ski with stock ignition and .065ths and 150 87 for me...

    My Opinion....

    R&D will probably say 91....but they all do so it keep's them safe. But im sure 87 is fine unless you here it detoing like crazy,

    Just check your rpm's before and after you put the heads on and only use about a 1/3 tank run it for about 3 or 4 mins if it doesnt seem right or feels a little soft go back and put 91 in......

    It's just testing......and adding a little compression isnt gonna blow your ski up.

    If it was ada head maybe 91 would be better......there domes are 150 @ .055ths squish

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    The guy I talked to at R&D 2 different times shouldn't be on the phone with customers! He is not friendly and makes it clear that he is bothered when you call! He is of no help at all!

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    I wonder if that is Glen...I think he's the owner....not sure though

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    You should be running 91 at a min. 93 would be better. Also, don't forget to retune your carbs or you will lean out and burn up.

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