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    Talking Well boys my R&D pully kit came in today.

    I will get it installed buy this weekend as long as my wideband shows up before the holiday weekend. For the last 2 weeks in a row my ski ihas been running GPS 70.5 very consistently so I have a good solid baseline to start from. I also have a couple of buddies that have seadoos, one has a stage 2 1/2 RXP and the other has a stage 2 RXT so I will be useing them as a measuring stick to see how the 250X with the pully kit stacks up in back to back drag racing. CYA Shawn

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    First you want to use your AFR to test the stock AFR ranges in every RPM range. Vary important for tunning to know where the engine stock tolerance is for AFR ranges.

    Your goal for top end is in the 11.5 range. It will bounce around a bit but should never spike over 12.5.

    If you focus on your tunning then you can see gains as much as 4 mph. Just focus closely on stock AFR and match it to the pulley kit. Also look at the RPM also as a tunning tool.

    Also follow the plug spot on pipe for locating the AFR gauge. Its the only spot it will fit that will not puncture the water jacket.

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    Got a little testing done today.

    I had a problem with the wideband and did not get to dial it in but I did one run short distence and got 71.5 GPS 8100 rpm. There is more and I will get it. It got to that speed very quickly and I cant wait to do do some drag racing with my buddies to see how it matches up. I need a little help with the wide band. I am getting an 8 blink error and in the manual means
    1. Sensor overheating.
    (The Bosch LSU4.2 is rated
    to operate at a sensor
    housing temperature of < 900
    degrees (measured at the
    bung) for maximum accuracy
    and control. When this
    operating temperature range
    is exceeded, the sensor can
    no longer be accurately
    controlled. )
    2. Sensor is damaged
    My question is what is our exhaust temps on the 250x. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Shawn

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    The egts will go up to 1300-1400 even on a stock boat . good luck tuning

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    I should be back on the water this weekend

    I do not even have the ski dialed in yet and I already Luv this ski with this kit. Hole shot is unbelievable. For me the kit is well worth the money paid. I also have the R&D sponsons and scoop grate and the riva rideplate and no pump weg. I tested the ski with and without the scoop and sponsons when it was stock and I had no speed loss. I tried the 2 degree weg with this combo and I did not like it, ski would porpus to easy and come unhooked. My buddies will be up at the lake this weekend with there Seadoos so I will get some drag racing done and post the results. I would like thank Mr GreenHulk himself for getting this kit to me buy my BDay. I also want to say Thanks to Glen at R&D for the great customer service so far with the kit. CYA Shawn

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