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    New 4-tecperformance FPR?


    Do you know when your new FPR will be available to order from yuor store, before xmas?

    Also the piranha-parts FPR states that you MUST drill and tap a certain part of the mainfold to ake it work correctly however the pics I have seen of your installed you have drilled and tapped the IC block-off next to the origianl tap.

    Does it really matter where you put the feed? Have you had any loss of performance from your tapped location?



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    Grant they are a WIZ BANG to handle i kept my BLOCK OFF for my GAUGE and i TAPPED the INTAKE MANIFOLD for the REGULATOR! no problems as either place will work just preference....... as i could easily switch them back and forth by unplugging and plugging back in each line in the desired location and may test to see if there is any difference after i get going completely with my units doubt location will matter but we can find out for sure! good luck!

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    The company making them will be sending me the prototype early next week. If it meets my approval then production units can be ready in as little as 2 weeks.

    It doesn't really matter where you attach the hose. As long as its into the manifold somewhere.

    Actually the easiest place is to just push the hose on one of the nipples on one of the three intake runners. You have to drill the nipple out first though.

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    I had a leaking injector and it opened up that nipple for me. The next time it popped it took the seam and made it easy to inspect the inside of the intake

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    man, combustion inside of plastic is never good

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    Steve, your probably the craziest person on the forum
    your posts are always filled with energy

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