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Thread: Engagement Ring

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    Engagement Ring

    I know some of you out there are ready for the big question! I am putting the engagement ring up for sale or trade that i had bought for my ex. Well we broke up because i couldn't keep it in my pants. Nobody has ever wore it. I paid $8800 from Littman Jewelers and have pics of receipt. I will post pics and details up on friday.

    It is a:

    3-stone ring- round sitara cut
    white gold band
    diamonds are sitara diamonds- they are cut more and "bling" more
    1.53 ct. twt
    I-J color
    SI2-I1 clarity

    It is brand new with all boxes. I am open to offers and trades! Thanks guys!

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    save it until you meet the right girl...
    you only gonna take a loss on this one and have to pay full price again next time...
    tell the future fiance, this ring was special, it belonged to your great grandmother... etc.
    and you had the original ring/diamond redesigned and reset with new stones for a more modern stylish ring special for her...
    actually never get married, my .02 cents!!!!!!!!

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    I wouldnt do that if I were you

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    need to sell-- im not giving it to my current gf! I just cant do that! Open to offers-- i will get some pics up soon!

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    Get a jewler to melt it down and make a new ring/pendant from it

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    Lightbulb ?????????????

    Hey Cody

    Was it custom made/sized..??

    If Not then I'd be asking the Jeweller:...

    To either buy it back (you would take a hit on it..??)

    Or broker it for you..!!! (likely need to give him 15-20% commision)

    My guess is there's 0.0% jetski guys interested in diamond rings..(pistons rings definately..!)

    Good luck with it Dude


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    Got a pic yet?

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    no-- it will probably be this weekend or next tues. night! thanks

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    I want a pic pls..

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    i got pics-- look at that bling on my big manly hand!!!!!!

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