Monthly Update and World Finals Recap
November 20, 2007

Greetings to the Personal Watercraft Community. This is your monthly update for October and November as well as your World Finals recap. We have been silent for the last several weeks working diligently on the 2008 plan of action and next year’s World Finals. This update and recap are going to be quite long, so get comfortable and open up a Monster Energy Beverage to help keep you awake through a lengthy series of information and unapologetic plugs for sponsors.

World Finals Recap

It is very fair to call the 2007 quaksense World Finals a true success. Every facet of the event saw improvements and growth. Racer entries were up noticeably with an increase in individual riders from both domestic and international origins. The Lake Havasu event saw more than 1,000 entries from an individual racer base of nearly half that amount. While United States Competitors are often argued to have a home field advantage, the results show a thoroughly distributed podium with non-US riders disproportionately capturing titles.

This, again, underscores that the World Finals is an international event which provides a level playing field for all competitors. This is most evident by viewing the very closely contested Nation’s Cup results. Thirty nations earned points towards being ranked with the final rankings as follows:

Ranking, Nation, Points Earned
1. USA 300
2. United Kingdom 293
3. Australia 288
4. Canada 286
5. France 274
6. TIE Thailand 269
6. TIE Japan 269
8. New Zealand 260
9. Serbia 252
10. Brazil 235

There were a number of “firsts” on the competition side of this year’s quakysense World Finals. Anya Colley has become the first female to capture a Junior’s category World Championship. GP classes in the Ski and Runabout platforms made their first appearances at World Finals and have fueled speculation and imagination for things to come. Mike Klippenstein gave Canada its first Pro Ski victory and admitted the Maple Leaf Nation into a club that had exclusive membership of France, South Africa, and the United States. Lisa Barsby delivered the United Kingdom its first entry onto the Pro Am Women’s Ski champion’s list breaking a trend of Japan being the only nation to break the United State’s tradition of capturing that crown.

The entire race environment had positive and progressive strides both on the starting line and in the pits. The following notations are truly astounding. The 2007 quakysense World Finals had a record low of technical disqualifications. In addition, the event experienced the least amount of filed protests that anyone in the technical department can remember. There were absolutely no appeals filed at the event. Our internal count shows no more than fourteen red flags for the whole event which is definitely an unprecedented count. These are clearly signs of a prepared and informed racer contingency working in union with an excellent staff.

We had a definite increase in spectator attendance which provided a strong boost to our record setting amount of vendors at the IJSBA PWC Trade Show (aka performance alley). The quakysense World Finals received substantially greater legitimate media coverage than in the last several years with numerous on-site journalists engaging in live-feed broadcasts as well as recordings that would broadcast within 24 hours. More than 10,000 simultaneous streams were again sent out from the McGraw Insurance web broadcast at In addition to the streams, more than 8,500 unique visitors checked the IJSBA web page PER DAY during the amateur days.

The daily count for the Pro Weekend was well over 10,000 unique visitors. IJSBA supporters like McGraw Insurance and Blowsion made positive efforts to increase awareness among their customer bases. These efforts included mailer supports and notices placed within the closing of their company e-mails. Ride magazine provided a World Finals preview while Watercraft World provided a preview and a full page ad. Hot Products hosts a series of meetings for their dealer network and suppliers at the World Finals.

Riva Motorsports, as usual, brings the latest technology in a display area that is unrivaled. Walt’s Motorsports had extra resources for the people that need last minute items and especially aided international competitors who needed help in the shipping of their race craft. These levels of participation add to the comprehensive prestige of the World Finals and helps increase awareness of the competitions. Competitors should make special efforts to patronize these entities that support your sport.

The increased participation and coverage in the World Finals is part of a three year period of net growth. Since 2005, at least one element of the World Finals (racer turnout, vendor turnout, spectator turnout) has grown enough to produce a net effect. This is a clear sign that the IJSBA offers the world’s superior PWC event with the World Finals.

This is especially so in 2007 where the quakysense World Finals experienced growth in every category including a sell out of all the vendor space. As of today, November 6, we have already signed a new presenting sponsor and have entered into agreements for space at the tradeshow comprising of almost 30% of the available space. This unprecedented early interest in the 2008 event is a good indicator of further growth in the sport of PWC racing.

The World Finals success is a product of fiscal responsibility and hard work. With extraordinarily high production costs, this event receives the necessary attention one would expect of the global symbol of the sport of PWC racing. Heavy equipment, fencing, trailers, grandstands, hotel rooms, patrol boats, phone equipment, and tents all must be rented to meet the infrastructure requirements of an event of this magnitude. More than 50 employees work daily shifts of 8-15 hours in order to provide the necessary services for the World Finals. Painstaking efforts must be made to ensure that the capital is ready to put on a quality event for the competitors and spectators.

The IJSBA and Desert Steel staff members work very hard to bring the World Finals into fruition. The bulk of the staff arrive at 6:00 AM and leave sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 depending on when the daily racing activities and paperwork are completed. The scoring and flagging staff spends up to nine complete hours in a 10x10 confined area with only minimal breaks.

The rescue team is on the water for no less than the same amount of time yet they lack even a basic canopy to protect them from the sun. The scoring team being work at least 40 minutes prior to racing and generally finish 90 minutes after the last race commences and they do it all inside a small work trailer.

These things are brought up to remind the community of the resources required to bring this event to you and to keep the sport in the spotlight. The teams of persons who work to bring the World Finals to you are a dedicated group of individuals who care deeply about the sport and to making sure that the IJSBA and the World Finals have a strong and long lived future in making PWC racing possible.

I am very fortunate that I was able to coordinate such a group of professionals. All of you that attend and participate in the World Finals deserve the very best and I feel comfortable in saying that the IJSBA brought you the best in the staff that hosted this event for you. Extra thanks goes to Joe Labarbera in his generosity in hosting this event and we look forward to many more years with Crazy Horse and the City of Lake Havasu.

Other special thank you’s go out to the people that went well above the call of duty to make sure that the event goes off and goes off well. Skat Trak has been a generous donor to the sport and the event for many years. None of us would be anywhere in the sport of PWC racing without Skat-Trak’s contributions. We appreciate all the years with them not only as a supporter but as a producer of an excellent product. We thank Wamilton’s for exhibiting an exciting new product and for introducing us to Alpha Trade who has become an excellent friend and supporter. Jettrim, Group K, Jet Pilot, Jet Connection, Hydro Turf, Jet Dynamics, Boysen, and Full Spectrum have been long time supporters and we appreciate them all.

Thank you to Jettribe for your long support and for your assistance in the staff shirts. Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha have let us know that they are still strong supporters of racing and that they care deeply about the competitors using their products. And of course, our biggest thanks goes to quakysense. In just two years this partnership has taken the sport to even bigger heights. quakysense products have not only reshaped the World Finals but also reshaped the race environment with a “racer first” focus on an unequaled wetsuit.

In closing, I am proud of the 2007 quakysense World Finals and believe it is an excellent sign of things to come. Do not think that we will be complacent in that we pulled off a pretty good event. The IJSBA, as well as myself personally, will constantly strive to look for methods to make net gains in improving the racing environment. Two major changes planned for next year are to have one of the three Race Directors have a rotating “Director of the Day” position. The Director of the Day will be the only person authorized to issue a ruling on the water activities for that particular day. In addition that Director will be the only person who has the authority to allow a boat substitution. We will also implement a log book for the Director of the day to make rulings easier to track and discuss with competitors

Log books will also be required in the impound area where inspected PWC will have to be signed in and out and inspections will be logged. This should make impound procedures easier to track and will help improve efficiency in the impound area and will improve information exchange. If you have further suggestions for 2008 improvements please forwards them to any of us at the IJSBA.

Monthly Updates

First, and foremost, IJSBA Competitors have a new Racer Representative on the Board of Directors. Josh Blum was not challenged for his bid to represent the competitors. We are lucky to have such a smart and experienced racer volunteering his time to make sure that racers have a vote in IJSBA policy making. Mr. Blum’s biography and contact information can be found here:

The annual Kings Cup event in Thailand is coming up. Jet Raid is in progress. We are awaiting news on the 2008 Motorsurf World Championships in Australia. We will soon post news on the 2008 Asia Beach Olympics which will feature IJSBA watercraft racing as the World’s First Olympic Recognized Motorsport event. Many exciting things are already shaping up for 2008.

Within the next week I will be posting my suggestions to the IJSBA Board of Directors for 2008 Rule Book Changes. This will open the period for official rule change suggestions from the public. These should be sent to me, personally, as well as to your Rider Representative or Affiliate/Aftermarket representative on the Board of Directors.

These suggestions will be forwarded to a Rules Committee for comments and suggestions to the Board. The Board will vote by the end of 2007 and the Rule Book will be sent for Print by January 2, 2008 with instant online availability. Printed books will be available for shipping by February 1. We hope to beat this timetable by a few weeks. In addition to rule change suggestions, please send your suggestions for inductees into the 2008 IJSBA Hall of Fame.

As always, it is a pleasure to serve as you in my role as the IJSBA Managing Director. The IJSBA is your association. It is the world’s only PWC association which is governed by democratically elected representatives. We are a not for profit association that exists solely for the purpose of making PWC racing happen. Control of the IJSBA policies are shared by representatives of competitors, affiliates, aftermarket product producers, and OEM manufacturers.

Together, we will continue the near 30 year trend of bringing you the best racing and preserving the best sport on the planet. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or by calling the IJSBA office at (714)-751-8695.

Scott Frazier