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    Need advice on parting GPR.

    Guys I am gonna part out a 2000 GPR for a project and I need to know what everything is worth. NOT what I can get if I try for a long time. I mean to actually sell the stuff to move forward on my project.

    oil tank

    This is all I need to keep so what I don't need can ya'll please give me a price to ask so it will actually sell. Thanks

    • GP12/13R Hull/Topdeck/Steering/Body panels/seat.
    • The GP800R hull has mounts in the wrong place, and hasn't been done yet.
    • 2000-2001 intermeddiate shaft.
    • Motor mount shims
    • Speedo and hull feedthru.
    • Entire pump tunnel. (2005 pump system is preferable)
    • 2" pump spacer and hardware.
    • 2" extension on steering and trim.
    • Gas tank vent system.

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    A bunch of this stuff has been for sale over the last few months. There are many prices listed in the classifieds.

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    Hi Austin, shoot chuck a PM, he`s doing the same just different year stuff...PR...

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