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    2 stroke oil for the GPR

    What kind of 2 stroke oil are you guys using for the newer efi GPR`s?
    anyone use Amsoil? which one? which oil is best to use? Thanks...PR...

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    I like to use klotz ski craft works very well with oil injection still in place

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    Quote Originally Posted by sconti stellari View Post
    I like to use klotz ski craft works very well with oil injection still in place

    +1 to that!!!!! I use klotz r-50 and it is the best stuff i think for my 98 GP!

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    Ive had very good luck with Amsoil Interseptor.Parts look real clean on my triple when i tore it down.

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    I have to ask are you guys pre-mixing or just filling up the oil tank?
    what`s the best stuff to use in the efi 07-08 GP1300R`s?...PR...

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    Amsoil Intercepter

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    Interceptor or hp injector on the new ones without the pv's. Premix or injected. On the older pv models use the intercepter.

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    heres my .02-- im a dealer for almost ALL the major oils, and some of the not so major. I can get , sell, use and have tried most.
    The ones i currently use KLOTZ Skicraft in injection machines and KLOTZ R50 in premix applications--- (Actually using KLOTZ BeNol (premix) in the Jetboat--Love the smell of castor and has a slightly higher wear rating than the R50)
    My Second choice if Klotz wasnt available would be Maxima Products.
    The Maxima Formula K2 is probably THE best "premix" only oil out there ( expensive as heck though ) I havent tried the Maxima Bio 2T injector yet which is their Ester synthetic injector oil which may even tip the scale to the Klotz ski craft ( bio also expensive )

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    so basically thumbs down for the Yami 2 stroke oil?
    how low should you let the tank get before switching to another brand or synth?
    also is it wise to use yami lube during warranty period? Thanks guys...PR...

    what`s the cost of the Klotz skicraft?
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    The Yamasludge is a good break-in oil. I would go to a full synthetic after that as the yami oil burns very dirty and tends to foul plugs and gunk up powervalves. I use the Amsoil Dominator but just because we're an Amsoil dealer and I get a great price on it. With the Amsoil, I just let the tank get low and then fill it with the new oil.

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