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Thread: Shrink Wrap?

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    Shrink Wrap?

    How many of you shrink wrap ur ski's? I had it done today just because its the first year im with a ski and havent gotten a chance to make a stand for it so that I can put it in the garage. Is it worth it?

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    Just make a stand out of 2x6 or 2x8 and black outdoor carpet, Lowes has everything you need.

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    I don't like to shrink wrap because it doesn't let air circulate through the engine compartment. You have to make sure the engine compartment and the rest of the ski is totally dry before you wrap it. If it's not dry and you wrap it you can have condinsation problems and mold problems. Also if your gonna wrap it you want to put some Damp Rid buckets or bags in the engine compartment to help with the condinsation. If your ski was nice and dry before you wrapped it, you should be ok as far as mold goes.

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    i would never shrink wrap it
    i want it right there with me in the garage so i can look at it and baby it

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    The guy that wraped it for me told me about getting air in there. When you wrap boats, you are suppose to put vents on it and for my ski, all he did was put a little overlap so that air can get in and out. And yes, it was dry before.

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