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    Wave blaster 2 impeller

    Hi every one

    Im trying to decide on what impeller for my 96 wave blaster II to get as mine is worn, ive got a new wear ring so what impeller should I go for??

    I only realy use it in the surf so I want good accleration and im not to worried about top speed. It sounds like the original impeller is the way to go??

    What are the best places to get them from?


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    stock one is the best. if you go with any other pitch you will loose the bottom snap and gain on the top.

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    The OEM impeller is about 400 USD as ive found out on the net. The after market ones are around half that...
    As I said, I dont know much about aftermarket parts as ive always gone genuine. But at half the price, im definatly looking into them!

    What are the things I should be looking out for when buying one? Or what brand is closest to the OEM impeller??
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    What size pump 155mm,if it is I almost bought a prop to try on my GP it was listed for a Blaster and was a YD SC S 12/18.5 concord

    I dont know if this helps or not I dont know the waveblaster

    YD SC X is a 13/16 that might be another posibillity.

    Whats a stock impeller pitch and what size pump.

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    The pump size is 155mm But the problem is I cant find the pitch of the orrigional impeller anywhere...

    Thanks for the input!

    E: I found it! Aparently its 13/16 acording to here:
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    I would search ebay till you find one for the right price.
    Try and find someone who has run a YD SC X and see how it worked for them.
    I would say $100 for a new one would be about right.

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