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    Be ware of SPAM from SPEEDBOAT1922

    Guys just got some spam from this member with 0 posts. Forum member speedboat22. I emailed GREENHULK. Watch that we don't start passing virus's now through the forums!! Its PM has nothing to do with jetski stuff!! From what I read with out opening the link.

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    North of Chi-town.
    I got that too, just now...

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    .... RXPwildchild's Avatar
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    Wake Forest, NC
    Same here.
    Just forwarded the PM to a few admins to let them take a peek at it....and then I saw all these thread appear.
    The link appears clean from what I see, so no worries of spyware/malware.
    Just someone who is overly promoting their book....

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    Matthew K ReDevilRXP's Avatar
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    Books are overated

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    he tried to trick me HAHAHAHA then i tried to say GYPSY YOU WILL NEVER GET THISSS !!!

    but he cant receive PMS i guess

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    got it too.........looked like this, I deleted link.

    Hey there.
    Sorry for PMing out of the blue. Here's the thing.

    I wrote a book with a friend of mine. My husband keeps saying it sucks. I think he's just jealous tho.

    He spends a lot of time on these boards, so I told him I'm going to pick a random person here, and ask them, and we ended up betting on it.

    So go to "_____________" and make the call. Does it suck?


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    Married the love of my Life Mayday 2008 SuperCharged03's Avatar
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    With my Wife Michelle!!!!
    Me 2

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    sounds like they might have found a bug in ubb or whatever powers this forum....someone has some patching to do...

    be very careful clicking on unknown links , web page based hacks are the biggest and most popular attack vectors in use currently world wide...just because the page looks ok it does not mean it is. there are so many exploits for ie both patched and 0day that i simply stopped using it.

    if a link looks sus avoid it.

    better to be safe then explaining to your credit company that you did not buy 20k's worth of crap on ebay.

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    Got the same thing to and like a fool i opened it. Hope this does not mess up my comp.

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    i'm banning these people as fast as I can sorry about the spam. we may have to disallow new registrations till I figure out what's going on.

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