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    Custom Resonator, Ideas?

    I'm assuming adding a resonator to the riva thru-hull or green waterbox wouldn't cause a loss of power since 99% of the time there is no gain to be had from changing from the stock exhaust to aftermarket.

    With that being said, does anyone have ideas for a resonator to fit in the engine compartment with the shorty green waterbox? I was thinking something that can be put in place and removed easily.

    Reason is there are times when I want to be stealth or considerate with the noise and then there are times I want to sound like a full blown dragster.

    I couldn't come up with anything myself though because I don't have the resources and didn't know where to begin. Any ideas on what material would be the best at withstanding heat and suppressing sound? What shape? Is the inside of the stock resonator hollow?

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    The resonator does an insane job of eliminating sound waves at JUST the right frequency to not let your ears bleed...duplicating its effectivness with a thru-hull is tough given the space...

    I would suggest looking into a shield or FLAP installed on the OEM location to minimize resonance...thats if you want the exhaust to still exit the OEM location...which will still resonate some...

    Based on my flow results, the OEM resonator is restrictive on the OEM setup, but just a tad...

    Adding a resonator to the greenbox would make things even more tight...

    Something could be done inline to a standard through hull, I've already been experimenting with some baffles...

    Its a good idea though, somethign for us all to think about...

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    Also, for a resonator to work, you need VOLUME...

    Take a look at some auto exhaust systems, especially some full-sized SUV's...Located at the rear of the exhaust, AFTER the muffler, even AFTER the axle, you will see a smaller looking unit about 2 feet from the exhaust tip........thats a resonator there alright, used to quiet down noise for drive by sound measurements...

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