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    Best '99 XPL finger throttle kit?

    I've tried two different aftermarket finger throttles. The trim rings don't line up with the throttle cable, cable has to be run outside the trim to work, and the engineers who designed the throttle finger pull did not allow for the correct arm so full throttle can be achieved. I've read the articles posted on taking out all the play at the carbs, still if they can't design something correctly, DO SELL IT!
    Has anyone installed a finger throttle that fits, looks good, and works without reengineering the system?

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    The Coastal is by far the best. Looks OEM and is a very clean setup. I have a black one complete. $125 shipped.

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    i run a worx finger throttle on my ski, but it is on pro taper bars so i couldn't tell u about the block off

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