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    Wake board ski help

    Hay Guys, A buddy of mine has an 04 WB Sea Doo that some how water is leaking into the motor. The dealer told him it was his fault because when he flushed it he turned on the water then started it. the thing runs fine on the trailer but when he put it in the water it will run for 15 min and die. Can anybody shed some light on this.

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    Is water leaking into the motor (the intake manifold/cylinders) or just the hull/engine compartment. Is it a supercharged unit?

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    Check all the bailer hoses to make sure they're not kinked or clogged. Check the hoses from the pump to the exhaust manifold.
    Did he tow this ski? If so, did he clamp the hose from the pump to the exhaust? That's another quick way to get water in the engine.

    For flushing try this:
    Use quick disconnects on the ski and the hose to make the process a little easier.
    Make sure the ski is level.
    Start the engine first, then turn on the water. Low pressure is better, it doesn't need to be on full blast.
    Make sure that water is coming out of the exhaust and the pump nozzle.
    Run the engine only as long as needed (15 minutes might be too long, I don't know.)
    Turn off the water
    Remove hose
    Let the engine idle for 30 seconds, then shut it down.
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