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    Key Programming

    I bought a new Wake SC a while ago and as I live in a remote area the dealer left it in the crate so it could be shipped safely. Problem was that they forgot to program the keys so I pulled the ECU and sent it back to him with the keys to program. Now he tells me he can't program the ECU as it loses the coding when he pulls it from the ski he fit it to, does this sound right? I thought that the programming in the 07 models was all held in the ECU. Thanks for your help.

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    I needed to provide the ECU and MPEM. The dealer installed both in the same year model ski and it worked out great. I programmed 5 keys for spares.

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    But the 07 models don't have an MPEM.

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    Ask shibby send pm

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    no that does not sound right, it sound like your deal has not updated his Buds system or he does not have another 2007 model to plug the ECU in to to program your key, I could help if you needed it, give us a call.

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