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    How's the handling with Riva sponsons?

    I've read lots of comments about the need to strengthen Riva's sponsons, but how do they handle? Currently I use stepped stock sponsons which has worked well for reducing porpoising when cruising. I live in SE FL, and now with the winter weather starting to bring in bigger seas I would like to pick up a second pair that will carve better when riding in the waves. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum! The Riva sponsons work well.They do have a flex issue though.I believe its the front on the blade.Some have drilled an additional hole in the front of the blade and bracket(tapped hole in bracket) for added strength.I believe Hydrotoys has done this.You can send a private message to him or maybe someone will chime in.I personaly use the OEM sponson and step them.

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    Lightbulb Riva..

    Hey There..

    From my experience the Riva sponsons on the full down position carve excellent..

    On a full hard lock turn you better hold on TIGHT or get ready to Fly..!!

    I can testify first hand to lossing a sponson blade..(bulletproof mounting my arse.. )

    I'm just about to put mine back on to my 05.. the one i lost was on my closed course boat..!!
    (Big thanks to mark(hydrotoys) for the new set of blades )

    They will have a new mounting position added at the front for sure.. (on the to do list..!! )

    Some report the same good effect of no porpoising with them on others bounce like a mofo..

    Best thing i'd suggest is try to ride a ski with a set on..
    Also i'd think there's very little to choose between all the brands.. R&D, Beachouse etc..

    As a final and probably the best option contact Danny(his forum name) he makes a set,
    Which i've heard(read) nothing but good things about.. plus if i remember right his work out cheapest of all..!!

    Do a few searches for Danny's sponsons..


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    I selling a set of RIVA sponsons cheap

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    If you were to mount a RIVA mounting plate on your GPR, then use a felt tipped marker to mark where the bottom of the plate meets the hull, then mount the stockers on and do the same with a felt pen, you will see that the RIVA plates actually are setting lower into the water than the stockers.

    In real terms, it means that they create more drag than the stockers up to a certain speed. Once a GPR gets to a certain speed, the stern of the hull begins to rise out of the water, and neither type of sponson will drag. Problem is that the RIVAs have to have a bit more speed before this happens. For me the plate begins to rise (completely) out of the water at about 72-73mph.

    The RIVA's are excellent for high speed turns in rough water, which is what they were designed for. If you are doing high speed runs in smooth water and your GPR is running in the low 70's, you are more than likely loosing speed because of them....they sit to low in the water.

    The stockers are really good unless you are doing some serious closed course racing in rough water and you cannot afford to loose your line in a turn.

    From what I've read, Danny's sponsons seem to be a good alternative.

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    The Riva sponsons handle very well, problem is the front of the (white) blade will flex and eventually crack or break the blade off. The fix was an extra mounting point on the front. They are currently offering a black replacement blade thats supposed to be stronger but I feel they still need 4 mounting locations per paddle.

    R&D sponsons on my ported boat have shown no signs of flexing and handle just as well.

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