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    need to buy a cdi for 1050

    hi i bought a 1999 polaris 1050 slx cheap with a blown motor. have had it rebuilt and have no spark on back cylinder(same cylinder that blew) have tested stator and coil, all ok seems its the cdi. mine is pvl 4060180 found it at babbits but mine has 14 wires coming out theres only has 10 but has the same part number. very confused , can anyone help thanks

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    Hi Pauly,Welcome to Green Hulk.
    I looked at the '98 service manual,shows 14 wires,same as 96-97. The 700 cc had 11wires.
    There is a wiring diagram for an updated ignition system posted in tech section,also 14 wires.There must be some problem on their end.

    Ps. You have the old style stator design.I'm not a parts expert,but I've read the 4060180 replaces 4060170,which replaces 4060137.I beleive any of those should work.

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