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    Custom Built PWC stand.

    Ok so me and my buddy built this and its strong as an OX. However i havent fully figured out how to get the RXT onto the stand.
    I built the whole thing for 85 dollars from stuff bought at Lowes.
    Its very simple and great for rolling your waverunner around on in the garage off the trailer.
    If anyone has any ideas on how to get my RXT onto it casue i underestimated the strength of me and my friend to lift this beast, please let me know and also if your interested in how to build your own ill post the materials needed.

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    Just remember,
    that stand has to hold up to 1000lbs. That's about 5 or more regular folks on those two rails. Keep that in perspective. I'd be very, very wary of your lower crossbeam and front/back wood. Other than that, it looks great.

    I've used a winch mounted on a pole, or another trailer to pull it off by myself.

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    I've built several stands out of PVC, and there is 2 things I would suggest...

    1 - brace the middle, it will bow...

    2 - ditch the carpet...

    When you slide the ski on, it will slide freely on the PVC...But once the ride plate hits the rear elbow, it will stop...When it does, keel pulling both the ski AND stand...Once clear of the trailer, lift the back up to distribute the wait...

    Here is my modified stand from my original...

    My original...

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    liquid rollers by crc does wonders on carpeted bunks.

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    I think some of these PVC models take more work than welding one up real quick?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    I think some of these PVC models take more work than welding one up real quick?

    I agree that is what I did, but not everyone has a welder like we do.


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    good point but everyone should! those little lincolns are so cheap and easy

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    I used 3" pvc on the stand for my rxp and I sanded down the lips of the couplings where the ski makes contact to minimize scratching on the hull. Anything smaller than 3" would not be strong enough, especially for an rxt, IMO.
    T C

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    Beach Dolly

    Has anyone built a "Poor mans" beach dolly. Using the above designs, only having the BIG bouncy rubber grey wheels? I'm sure it can be done, just wondering if anyone has done it. Then jimmy up some kind of hitch for an ATV. PICS...
    I'll try to shoot a few pics of my custome made shop cart!

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    It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I would be worried about those little castors. They don't appear to be rated to hold over 1000 lbs.

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