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    Cluth slips out on the water

    Assuming you have the ceramic washers.

    What should you do next ? If your in the middle of a lake. Could you just take your SC to IC or SC to TB plumbing off ?

    Could you just go 3000 rpms and cruise to the shore ?
    Should you get someone to tow you ?

    I think I'm going to stick with the ceramic and get the 06 cluth upgrade under warranty. I'll have a boost gauge so I should see the rpm and boost drop during the slipping. I don't think I have enough mods to suck in a washer.

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    Kinch to be honest with ya here, the ceramics are a wear item, and their true life is yet to be determind, some have it for 100+ hours and some only a few hours, if they go, they`re gonna go. you will be up one, by having a boost gauge, so you can see if your losing boost, and if so when that happens if it happens just reduce you speed and ride back to your trailer, I wouldn`t continue on going mazzo, WOT all the way back, that for sure would kill the ceramics, but ya never really know what happens. I did the same exact thing here as I described, fire up ski, throttled up and saw no boost, right back on the trailer, home, out comes the SC, and the ceramics were gone. at least with a gauge you will know somethings wrong sooner...PR...

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    Whether the ceramics shatter has very little to do with mods and more to do with (bad) luck ... since you can get metal ones from Les and soon from Jerry, I don't understand taking the risk anymore. If they just slipped, no big deal, pull the SC and replace them ... but when they shatter and go into the motor you have serious work to do, and serious down time, possibly significant $$ too if you are out of warranty. For me, the small amount of money for the washers (and install labor if you don't want to do it) is almost priceless due to the peace of mind of knowing you won't ruin a good part of your summer with downtime due to the ceramics going thru your engine ... we spend thousands on speed, why not spend a hundred dollars to solve the achilles heel of our SC 4-tec motors?

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    Very good point could not of said it better myself. I just went threw this problem and never want it to happen again.

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    I want the 06 clutch and I paid plenty of money for my warranty to go and spend 300 dollars to buy one.

    Jerry's washers only work with the 06 spec cluth and he recommends metal washers with the 06 clutch.

    I know some people are trying the metal washers with the 04 clutch so maybe I can wait and see.

    I wish I could somehow grind my ceramic washer down so it was slipping put it back in the SC and take the SC housing to the dealership and tell them my ski isn't acting right. Then get a 06 clutch on warranty.

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    wont be any probs with the metal wahsers on teh 04 shaft if installed properly, your money for something else...because once you get them metal washers on teh 04 shaft installed properly your S/C will be bullet proof for a hundred hours! YAY!

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    Let me know how it goes when you get yours back. I'd like to know wether anything had to be done with it or if it took alot of work to get it on the 04 shaft.

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    NP Kinch!

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    So if a clutch starts slipping removing the SC to IC connection wouldn't help remedy the problem of it swallowing.

    I guess my questions is, does removing the SC to IC relieve pressure from the SC.

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    kinch... if ur SC swallows a clutch, it's not going thru the air passages. it goes thru oil passages. u'll never see a clutch go thru the plumbing.

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