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    Rear exhaust kit and wave jumping?

    Hey guys,
    This is my first post on here...I ordered a RXP-X and mostly will be wave jumping. Would a rear exhaust be an issue when jumping? I was just thinking about landing back-end first and off throttle - if the water would shoot in and damage something?
    Does anyone else think the SeaDoo RXP stickers are ugly? I think my 1st mod will be removing all stickers.
    thanks for your time.

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    Welcome to the site...

    You're fine with the rear exhaust, no worries....

    Some like the stickers...some hate them....I personally would swap out that rar grab handle on the RXP-X from orange to black!


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    You'll be fine with the rear exhaust, but I suggest you do some reading on the TOPS and how to remove it before you go jumping waves.

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    as many of you no, im a noob....but thats why me and many people like me are here

    my question is: what is TOPS and why would you need to remove it if you want to jump waves... i thought it had something to do with not tipping over but im probably just making myself look like a bigger dumbass

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    dont get to down on yourself alex, TOPS stands for Tip Over Protection System and if your ski was to flip over, it plugs all entry ways to the engine for oil, gasoline or anything else to flood your engine

    i dont know what the reasoning is to remove it though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bron1c View Post
    i dont know what the reasoning is to remove it though...

    I think the reason for taking the TOPS off is that when wave jumping, you may reach exreme angles that the system would think to be a tip-over situation and shut the motor down. This is just so that doesnt happen while wave jumping.

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    me and one of my buddies who has an rxp spend our whole summer wave jumping some giant waves, and i've seen him flip back one hundred and twenty degrees and come out right side up with out the engine being killed, so i would say no to taking the TOPS system off unless you end up having trouble with it

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    why the hell you going to remove the stickers?? its brand new!!! just ride it for awhile man

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    Because I'm used to riding a good looking ski (r-12x).
    I accepted the RXP's ugly factor, because its fast but those stickers are too much.

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    future rxpx owner here

    Yup, those stickers will be the first to go... Not a fan of em at all. I'm hoping to gain at at least .00011111 mph with them off.

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