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    Blowing Headgaskets

    Hi guys
    About to buy a 93 SL750 on trailer for 300 bucks. Just one catch it has head gasket problems. The PO took it to a good mechanic and the gasket was burnt up. A less reputable mechanic put a new gasket in and it blew that one or another one. I think its running to lean, with too little oil or the mechanic just screwed it up. Interested to hear everyones opinion on it. thanks guys.

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    you shouldn't burn a head gasket ever!you might blow one if the seating surface is bad but running lean will eat pistons and lack of oil will eat bearings

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    It was just all eaten up like, like it had melted. i will include pics tomoro when i get back to the shop

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    I have had this happen to me twice now. The first was bolt working its way loose on a head. This allowed a leak, and basically blew out the gasket. The second time was detonation. Just too much fuel and it went for the weakest spot. Make sure to have the heads torqed to specs.

    If you are running lean, your gaskets will remain intact and you piston head will be the detroyed item (search for holed piston for this one).

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    yeah we have 2 mechanics at our shop, a good one and a bad one, the bad one repaired this one. Does anyone know the torque spec/sequence? Thanks a lot guys i appreciate the help.

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    18 ft lbs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Welcome to GreenHulk
    Here is the complete downloadable Factory service manual.

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    ok sweet, head gaskets are on order, so i will post back f i have any more troubles, thanks for all the help. you doods rock

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    jaxon, WELCOME to the Green Hulk forums!!!
    You won't find a better group of Polaris gurus anywhere.

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    lol he called you a doods

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