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Thread: Myspace Suicide

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    Myspace Suicide

    What do you guys think? Any opinions on the matter? I honestly don't know what to think. Sad though.

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    I had a long drawn out response, but i read the article on foxnews and it had some more detail.

    Sad, but i'd say no one is at fault. One of those **** happens deals.

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    old woman is physco and need some kinda probation , maybe a year and half

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    The saddest part is that this wasn't a story when it happened a year ago. The Meiers were told by their lawyer and the local prosecutor to let it drop because no laws had been broken. Some good is going to come of this, but it'll take years for state and national legislators to pass new laws.
    Personally, I think the crazy old broad needs to be locked up just for being a dumb-ass.

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    New movie coming out....Looks like a good thriller...

    Its called Untraceable...

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