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    RXP 215HP Timing

    Hi there I am away from any Seaddo dealer and I need assitance from any of you that knows abouth this.

    I have removed the flying weel on the back of my motor and unfortunatelly when I was to put it back I have lost the settings, and now the motor do not starts it rotates but not firing, I spoke on phone with a seaddo mechanic and he told me to follow the nipple coming out of the crank shaft and align all, but its still doeas not go.
    Please can anyone terll me how to align valves rotor, valv rotor sensor, crank shaft sensor and magneto sensor in position that it will have the signal righs for firing..

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    There are 6 bolts holding the reluctor wheel, in addition to the six bolt holes, there is 1 small hole between 2 of the six bolt-holes......there is a short dowel-pin in the crank gear that must go in this hole to get the signal at the right time. Hope this helps. EDIT: think this goes in 4-tec performance, not general....

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