my seat has allways weighed a ton... i bought a new cover took the seat cover off ..... the foam it is full of waterand starting to mildew weighed in at 46 lbs ...that is nuts ..weight is everthing on any speed orented vehicle ....there are 2 kinds of foam open cell.... absorbs water like the sponge in your sink....closed cell a cooler or life vest ..i thought the seat was supposed to be able to be used as a flotation devise ...anyway i know you can buy them but they are silly expensive..anf they replace the entire engin cowel... i am in the process of making a new seat w incorperated solo seat and thiner closed cell foam pad about an inch thick they use on roadrace motorcycles should be @ 10 lbs or less ...and you will be able to throw on the stock seat and take the other half out in a snap ....i am making mine right now ...if it all works out it can be the prototype ..if there is interst i can have the glass guy make real molds and offer them 4 sale