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    Contrast the 97 XP to the 97 GSX hulls please?

    Can anyone who has ridden these two Seadoo's contrast the stability of the hull to one another? I have owned a GSX before, but I am currently looking at an XP. I would be concerned about my family staying upright on anything less stable than the GSX. It pitched us off a few times, but never flipped. Is the XP hull of that year vintage must less stable?

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    yes the 97 and up XP hulls with the shock seat is more for the experiance rider that wants a agressive ride..Its NOT very family freindly.
    ALOT fun - but not for the novice...

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    Yea if a GSX pitched you off stay away from the XP.
    I would say it is 1/2 as stable as a GSX.

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