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    Question to SuperJim on Alpha kit?

    Super Jim,

    I've got a 2005 R-12x, on your alpha kit (I think it's $150?) what gains can I expect and do I need other mods to fully gain anything? I still can run 93 octane right? You also provide step by step instructions right? Do you recommend modding my stock ride plate?

    Thanks, any one with a super jim's kit, I'd love to hear the results!

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    Hey, Gains with the kit are moderate you can add about 3 lb of boost to the unit, Id get a intercooler too, when you turn up boost it gets hotter so you will def need the intercooler, and also a 17/29 or 17/30 solas or skat trak prop. You will have to run a race gas+ pump gas mix tho with the setup, also a boost gauge would be helpfull in tuning the kit

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    Joey, your answer is incorrect.

    With the alpha kit, you can adjust boost to what ever level you want...from under stock to 25 psi. However, there are no benefits to running over 18 psi. Personally, the best bang for the buck is the Alpha kit with no intercooler and run 16 - 17 psi on 93 octane.

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    Where do I find the Alpha kit and pricing? What are the expected gains if added to a stock 04 Honda R12-X? What is the difference between your kit and the Macsboost kit? Thanks in advance


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    You can e-mail me at [email protected] I check in here from time to time. The Alpha kit is a manual method of controlling boost where as Mac's module uses electronics. Mac actually came to see what I was doing with the Alpha and then tried it with a module and it worked. I like Mac's system and I think it is technically better. More expensive but better. However, I and a very few other people, for some reason, could not get sustained performance with Mac's. I tried it but wen back to my original Alpha. It was just faster. The downside of the Alpha is it takes time to set it up and adjust it. Then it occasionally trips an error code and you have to adjust it again. And like, Mac's, there have been a few ( I think only 2) that for some reason could not get it to run at full performance without constantlly tripping the error code. In those 2 cases, I just gave them a refund. But for most people, it performs very well and a very good price. You can get 3-4 mph top speed gain. The ride plate mod gets another 1-1.5 mph gain but it not required with the boost kit. PM me or e-mail me if you need more answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
    Personally, the best bang for the buck is the Alpha kit with no intercooler and run 16 - 17 psi on 93 octane.
    Jim is spot on with this once you get it adjusted.


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    Can you use macs stage II kit and the alpha kit together or does it have to be one or the other?

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    I don't think there is anything to keep you from using both together. I tried it for a while but did not find any advantage. So I went back to the Alpha alone.
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    Where can i purchase the alpha kit at?

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    how many p.s.i. is the stock boost?

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