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    Rude SC in the future?

    I was thinking how I could treat myself when I get a new job.

    Currently have the stock and green wheel.

    What about replacing that with the Rude?

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    Dude, you've got the disease, hulkitus...There is no known cure...your only hope is to contain it. A c-kit maybe the answer, but the rude will do. Unfortunately at this time next year you will be craving the T word...sorry, sympathies to the family.

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    if you asked me a month ago id say go for it but now iam seeing turbo ,sell the sc help pay for it,i did say help but if you got the itch this may be the only cure

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    I am thinking about a Rude SC, Rising Pressure Rate Regulator, and an impellar, of course this would be in the distant future. I am currently working on an external intercooler.

    I have read the stock injectors will work with the Rude if you use the Rising Pressure Rate Regulator, but would 42's be better?

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