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Thread: Pump Bearings

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    Pump Bearings

    How do I know if my pump bearings are going. I recently took the cone off and found water in with the grease. Not alot, but I imagine its not supposed to be there. Anything to look for?

    What happens if the bearings just go?

    Any info would be appreciated. ...



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    I kept getting water in my pump.......each time I would spray a ton of wd-40 in there to disperse any water....let it dry out then put new grease in the cone area......I replaced the 2 orings under the cone.......didn't cure my problem.....then I replaced the seal underneath the impeller......that was it.....haven't had water in there since and my bearings seem to be fine after 20 hours.......I'm going to rebuild the pump this winter just for peace of mind

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