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    Wrong Season Or What

    i got a good deal on a 86 kawasaki js 550 stand up......i have never riddin a stand up i have a sit down but i was wondering how hard they are to ride and if i should put any mods on it while i wait for summer.....thanks


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    The 550 is a great reliable ski, with plenty of power for the beginner. Unless you are like me and over 220#

    I have been riding 440,550,650 since the early 80's and have a blast

    Sure there are mod to increase speed and power, but you are probably better spending your money and get something with a bigger power plant if that is what you are looking for.

    The great thing about the 550 series was the long body kept it from porpoising as much (at least for my riding style)as the shorter more powerful 650 and 750


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