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    Would you buy a new FX-SHO if it had no warranty?

    Hi guys,

    I am in australia and have been researching the possibility of purchasing a new FX-SHO from a dealer in the states, and have quickly learned that it will be next to impossible to get any warranty at all on the ski if i do it this way.

    its not all bad though as i figure i will save around $5500 if i do it this way, and could very well have the machine a full month before anyone else in australia (based on what the dealers are telling me here).

    here are some facts:

    1. FX-SHO is supposed to retail for $11,999 in the states.

    2. FX-SHO is supposed to retail here for around $23,999.

    so with the aussie dollar the way it is at the moment, i could buy the ski, pay around $2700 for shipping, add 10% tax and 5% import duty and still save $5500 over paying retail here.

    only downfalls is i would have to do some assembly (not really a downfall) and i wouldnt have any warranty.

    would YOU do it?

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    I would go that route and save the money. One thing I would do though is wait untill some of us get them in the states. If they are reliable go for it! It would be horrible for them to have some huge issue and then you not have a way to fix it.

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    I always like to see $5,500.00 extra in my pocket... Chances are that you will mod the ski some and when you do the dealer throws your warranty out the door in the trash anyway...

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    I agree with both replies, if you mod it the warranty could be voided anyway. On the other hand I would agree with chrisrokc and hold off a little while to see if there are any issues or possible recals that need to be worked out first.

    One question I have though, Are you sure that a ski bought from the states wouldnt be covered by a waranty? I see how you might have trouble for a couple months until your local dealers get them in, but after that I would think Yami would cover it just like any other reguardless of location. I know here in the states I can go to any Yami dealer for waranty work.

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    this is a reply i got from one dealer here in aus:

    "NO !!! I'm almost 100% postive. It has to be sold through the Australian distributor to recieve Australian warranty. I'm pretty sure the factory [ Japan ] has Yamaha Australia's hands tied. Unless its on their computer as a Australian import, I dont see how they could even process a warranty claim. I believe it is also not covered by Ozzy consumer affairs laws. Hope this helps, regards "

    also the LA dealership has told me i wouldnt have any warranty

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    OK, thats good enough for me. My warranty was pretty much useless because anything that went wrong was quicker for me to fix than bring it into the dealer and wait for them to get around to it. Obviously I didnt have any MAJOR issues with it though.

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    Why do you need a warranty with a Yamaha?? I have had over 10 Yamahas and never once had a "warranty" that would have been covered (I broke or its heavily modified)

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    We have the same issue in the UK. Basically they retail a 200% of the US price, which is just a rip off.

    If it was a GP1300r then it would be a no brainer, one recall in 2003, which is a easy fix and if it does go wrong then it's easy to fix a 2 stroke.

    As for a the new FX-SHO then you have to hope that there are no recalls, that Yam have done their QA. If it does go wrong then you could be in for a big bill. But Yam stuff is quite good.

    The one thing to think about is that when these 4 stroke go wrong then they tend to trash the complete engine. I been there on a FX160 due to a dealers inability to do his job. Also there a few posting for the Ultra 250 & Seadoos with the same level of distruction. The cost for the parts for my FX engine was more than the value of a 1 years old ski... But then these are isolated cases and thats what warentees are all about. I'm just glad Yam UK picked up the bill for me.

    Plus with the fx-sho you have all that fly by wire throtle rubbish, lets see how long that lasts in salt water.

    I would also like to see how good this nano stuff is on the top deck. I've seen a no. of FXs where the top deck has split. But then these skis have been ridden in rough Sea conditions were the hull take a good level of abuse when you crash though the rough stuff.

    I would wait a year or two to see if there are any problems or recalls and then do it.

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    I would do it. You only get a 1 year warranty anyways and here in Michigan that equates to about 3 months of good weather. You have the fact that Yamaha held this ski back a couple of seasons to get it right going for you. I would also think that if there were some major problem/re-call, Yamaha would stand behind it.

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    i am also in aus and was thinking about doing the same but don't want to take the risk on an untested ski
    it will still have us warrenty so you may have to get the dealer to ok you sending back the faulty part and them shiping you the new part
    it will then only cost you freight

    1 other thing i belive a recall would be world wide so you should be covered for that


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