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    Unhappy 07 fx ho - Newbie on pump failure

    Having a bad day, new ski and girlfriend decided it needed to be started because we got our first cold weather. She ran it for 5 minutes with no water hose attached and saw it smoking so she shut it down and called me all concerned she did something wrong ...

    After much deep breathing I tested and the thing acts like a clutch is slipping on a five-speed. Engine revs and I barely get anywhere. Any estimates of how screwed I am?

    Just getting into PWC's and am having to overcome a lot of ignorance on my part so any help would be appreciated as I don't have a frame of reference for what I am facing.

    2007 FX HO
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    Have you looked into your intake grate for trash? Running out of the water shouldnt have damaged the pump. If it was smoking, because motor was superhot, you could have created all sorts of damage, but none would explain the motor reving normally and the pump not hooking up.

    I bet you have trash in the impeller area

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    I was talking to a friend who ran a ski rental and he said the same thing. Suggested I remove the grate and impeller and wash out the area thoroughly. Thx for replying and will give it a try.

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