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    Exclamation SEA DOO 2nd Most Powerful Production Mod

    Please forgive me if I am late with this news but it appears SEADOO now makes the second fastest runabout. I told my friends that I was going to put a V4 or V6 in my GTX Limited in 08 and they thought I was crazy.

    Well have you all seen the new HSR Benilli (Hydro)? It puts out 342HP or 87HP more than SeaDoo, and 97LBS lighter than the SEADOO. The engine is a V6 2,196 liters

    Has anybody else seen this machine. Only this I can see bad about it is the front look Off Shore Unfriendly. Look like it will take a nose drive in the first big wave.



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    This boat is a few months old already

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    Ok I am late but what does the PWC world think it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by outeka View Post
    Has anybody else seen this machine.
    Have you seen the HSR/Benelli section of the forum?

    I think its an awesome looking ski. I would love to have the Race Edition.

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    Yes, and HSR use for hull the Stx 15f hull ! if you use a kawa, it's the same thing.... with 342hp !!

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    Hear is my V6 powered GSX a GTX wood be no problam

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