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    1997 seadoo xp cutting off

    runs just fine and then suddenly cuts out, but only while in use on the water. able to restart it almost right away at times, and other times I have to remove the lanyard and replace it. In doing that, I sometimes recive the long tone beep.. The MPEM has been replaced the carbs were cleaned and the post and key were replaced.. Now what should i look for

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    make sure your grounds are cleaned and tightened. Same for your positive. Also check and make sure your battery is keeping a charge. You can check your starter solenoid and starter. Seems like a connection is loose somewhere.
    I've seen the vts fuse in the rear shut down a ski before, check the fuse in that as well.
    This is just some ground work for you to check up on, its free, doesn't cost anything but your time and you can take it off the list of things that it might be. Narrow it down bit by bit.
    Next thing after that would be to yank the front cover off and check the stator. Do the easy stuff first before going through the hassle of other shit.

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    The long beep indicates it is not reading your lanyard. I'd try buying a new one and getting it programmed at a dealer, then...if the problem continues, replace the lanyard post.

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    I had that same exact problem with my xp. If those solutions dont work then its ur safety switch in the ski that can turn off thr ski..They go bad alot especially on old ski's..Thats what the solution was with mine and then my motor seized..try it will need to bring it to a shop it costs about 89.00 for the switch i believe

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