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    Question Calling All SC GTX Owners!! CAST Pistons? How much boost can they take? Got stories?

    Need Input

    I'm just wondering peoples experiences with working up the GTX motors with the Cast pistons? How much boost are people running, on these? have there been any reported failures? what charger were they running? what ECU? What setups are people running on these, that are working?? Anyone with upgraded supercharged GTX's with CAST pistons, intercooled, and non intercooled, what are you running, how many hours have you put on the setup? And lastly, do you drive it like you stole it? Or drive it like your mom, with the occasional need to show up the poor who, little does he know what hes up against! for fear of breaking it?.. for fear of melting your cast pistolas?, haha.

    I'm just curious what the real world breaking point seems to be for these... Thanks guys, and lets hear about your setups, and your stories!!

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    ive got a 03 gtx motor in the RXPL. (cast pistons)
    im running a 10lbs greenwheel-external IC- rotax race ECU,etc...
    and so far its staying together for the past two years of HARD ABUSE...

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    with big boost, NOT LONG..... a certain someone on the forum didn't make it more than a half hour with ECU and Rude Charger on cast pistons very recently

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    Your playing with FIRE If you have a good running ski..... trade it and get one with forged pistons. You can get used ski's cheap. Don't blow it up and then have to fix it before you can sell it.

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    A Rude SC, Rude F/C, Rude cam, RR ECU, and XS IC will make it run like a raped ape... for 20 minutes...

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    GTX questions - cast pistons

    1)With Cast pistons, what do ya'll think about the realiabilty of running green charger with XS IC. (stock ecu)

    2)Would it hurt to run the above setup with out removing the flame risitor.

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