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    Polaris SLX engine stops runnign and dies

    hello all I hacve a piolaris slx 780 that I have been working on. I have cleaned the carbs really well and replaced one of the cylinders and pistons. It runs fine but when it goes into the higher rpms it acts weird and then the engine acts as if it binds and stops running. The pump is fine. What else should I check? Thanks Jon

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    Do not run it again. Please pull the head covers and domes for inspection.
    Sounds like you're locking up the motor.

    Could be many things:

    New piston to new cylinder clearence
    Fuel issues
    Lubrication issues
    Cooling issues
    Foreign matter issues from previous problems
    Ignition issues

    Better safe than sorry. Can you post pics? How do the spark plugs look? Sandblasted appearance?

    Pull the covers and domes and take pics.

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    did you do a compression check? I'll say it for AL, did you check your crank index?? Do you mean it quits completely or just runs like not on all three holes?

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    I agree with CrazyA. Was the new piston oversized? If so, was it properly bored for clearance?

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