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    Coming out of the [turbo] closet. . .

    Ok folks, today was the maiden voyage of my turbocharged RXP. I've been quietly working on this for a couple months now because I wanted to be sure it would work before embarrassing myself. Today, I ran it on the water with only minor issues.

    The turbo is a stock Mustang SVO turbo that I got for $70, which is a T3 60 trim. Very similar spec's to a GT28R, but older tech (about 3% less efficient) and no ball bearings. The wastegate actuator is from a Turbo Buick GN since it has a lower setpoint than the SVO, at 12 psi. I extended the rod to try to get the boost down less than 10 psi. However, the thing made more boost as I gave it more throttle. It was going over 10 psi at 2/3 throttle, so I never could open it up (stock injectors). Even still, during very short bursts at 2/3 throttle, I still managed to go over 75 mph.

    I fabricated all the piping and support brackets using stainless steel and a MIG welder (308/308L wire). The pipe that feeds/supports the turbo is water jacketed, rigid (no flex joint), and supported by 2 braces, which can be seen in the pic's if you look close. I had a machine shop CNC the trick SC block-off / oil drain-back location. The intercooler is an XSPower unit, with the water outlet location modified.

    Sooo. . . the turbo is apparently a decent match for the combo, but the wastegate needs some work. Heat is going to be an issue. As you can see in the pic's, the sloppy and temporary header wrap could use some improvement. That will be rectified soon. Also, I'll be adding a BOV, though I'm not totally sure I need one (Buick GN's didn't have them, running a T3 Super 60 trim). Some 42 lb injectors will go in soon too. I want to see how fast I can go for <$1500 total invested in mod's.

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    A little elbow grease gets a turbo for less than 2K......outstanding.

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    Nice job

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    Very cool! Mike I have two sets of 42 lb injectors, PM me if you need a set ...

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    been watching engineermike build this thing along the way... he's an encyclopedia of information!

    Simplicity and affordable... can't wait till you get all the minor things ironed out and see how well it runs for such a budget build turbo setup.

    awesome work Mike

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    Looks good Mike.
    I can't wait to see how good it runs once you get it dialed in.

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    excellent work !

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    awesome keep us posted
    I just scored a GT2860 off of ebay so pictures and pointer are great.

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    Fine job!

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