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Thread: Non-MFD to MFD?

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    Non-MFD to MFD?

    hey guys tried searching,

    any way i can convert my 93 non-MFD ski to have an MFD? Would it be worth it at all?


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    I converted my no gaged 92 to having a fuel/temp and tach I didn't need oil since I mix I'm not fond of the mfd's and all the gages I used except the tach are generic Z edit and I added a key start and trim and reverse and and lol

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    It can be done I did it to my 1992 650/750?

    You will need newer e-box
    Newer fuel tank with sender.
    Oil tank sender if you are not running premix.
    MFD and Harness.
    Speedometer pick-up.

    IMO its not worth it unless you have the parts laying around.

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    Beer, you forgot handle bar pad with cut out for the MFD.

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    well can you guys recommend a tach? that is the primary reason for switching.


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    keep an eye on ebay for the analog factory tach I never had luck with the tiny tachs even the commercial unit went to crap

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    Best tach on the market. And 10% off with discount code.

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    I installed a Mfd on my 96 SL700,not very dificult.In my case I needed fuel gage repair/had mfd/got a harness cheap.I think it's great just for the Tachometer.
    I looked in the Polaris service manual.
    States your 93 should have a fuel gage,says all senders work the same/have same resistance.
    Shows your electrical box does not have a circuit board,easy fast way to hook up the wires.With out a circuit board you wll need to splice into the wires.Also add a fuse.
    The 95? SL750 had a round mfd where the fuel guage should be(by start button/choke)

    My friend might have one and slt harness,if your're interested.I can ask how much.

    As far as the oil sender you will need one from something with a mfd.
    You will need a speed sensor and hose.

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    Have you seen this set up? Pretty nice.

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    here is mine before the tach

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