I know some of you guys tee off the oil lines when pressure testing on efi but i see that as a pain removing the clamps so decided to go a different route...What i did was use a Diamond Party Pick which is like a toothpick but much stronger in the oil holes in the boot.. You will have to cut the pick in half being that it is to long to fit in the boot area and when you insert in the hole use the pointed end of course and do not try to jam it in because it is made out of wood and can break..I was real careful pushing it in snug with very little force,if it breaks then you will have to remove the oil line to push it out..The oil lines have a one way valve and this just helps from any leakage,worked good for me...I pressurized to 9.3psi and 10min later it was still 9.3psi..Just a tip