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    Breakin in a new motor

    This site has been around for a while , but i was wanting to know if anyone will be using it as a guide on breaking in there new skis?

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    This guy brings up some good points for sure.Ive always used the slow-easy break-in method.Getting the rings to seal properly by reving the motor and running it hard,really makes sence to me.I think i would have a hard time,taking a brand new motor and running it hard,right out of the gate.Some of us use Wiseco pistons,which require a different warm up procedure than the OEM pistons so this can get confusing.I will not take a chance on a Wiseco piston on a motor break-in.Ill stick with my break-in.

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    I cant get my head around the fact that with new engines we only have such a short time to break the engines in. ( if you read to this website)

    I also spoke to a car sales man about this and he told me the demo cars that are taking out daily by the customers on a test drive , who obviously thrash them, these cars are always very very quick
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    I have had about half my motor "guys"
    tell me this over the years about getting the pressure "behind" the rings to force them to seal better in the begining -saying"F THE RIGHT WAY THIS IS THE BEST WAY"
    in fact my omc guy would not let me run it on the hose after we rebuilt them ,he would make me leave it on the forks in the water (or in the tank with a "test " wheel )
    and as soon as the thermastats let the water out of the heads he would nail the gas and see what rpm he could get -never lost a motor,piston,head,ect untill the owner packed the lowerunit with sand (lots of flats around here)WE DID ABOUT 1 A MONTH FOR THREE YEARS


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    Just remember that a PWC does not have wheels so it does not benefit from back pressure the way an atv sled or motorcycle does. I have read this before and some it is interesting and applicable. Just make your own decisions on what is relevant to this sport.

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    New motor after rebuild:

    5-10 minutes on the hose, on the trailer..let her sit over night.

    Next morning same deal, 5 minutes on the trailer, on the hose. Go to the water.

    On the water idle out for about 2 minutes, check water temps, pull sit, no leaks? Begin to throttle out from idle to 4000 rpm's, varying the throttle, 20 minutes like this. Come into shore at idle speed for 1 it? 1 minute @ idle speed before you shut her off.

    Get to shore, open seat, grab a coke, check hoses/head/pipe for leaks and look into hull for water...20 minutes sitting like this.

    Back on the water, idle out for 2 minutes, seat open looking for leaks and whatever is rattling..vary throttle to 4000 rpm's, gently raise to 6000-6500 rpms', backing off to idle for about 20-30 seconds, back on the throttle get up to 6500..stay there for only a few seconds, go back down, then back up. 20 minutes, check your watch. Go back into shore @ idle for 1 minute at least let her cool down.

    Get to shore, open seat put hand on head how hot?Grab another Coke after you take a piss, come back to ski looking for leaks in the hull. 20 minutes.

    Back on the water, idle out for 1 minute..begin idle up to full 5000 range, now open her up WOT, do not stay long, back downthen back up, check rpm's water coming out of bypasses etc..try not stay in the WOT for more than few. You can do a plug chop at WOT especially with new plugs. Is it rich? Is it lean..check Lowell Hornings plug chart, memorize it to the color you need to be at. 1 minute idle into it?

    Get to shore, pull seat check head, look for leaks..go take another piss and grab another Coke. Get on the phone call Lowell, TJ, Fernando, Rich, Jim, Kerry, Duke, Ben, Carl , Mark, Joe and lie your arse off at how fast you just ran...complain about missing rpm's..whatever..20 minutes.

    Get back on the water, 1 minute idle out and you should be ready to go to WOT, again keep watch over the rpm's , vigile until you know the ski is running correctly. If it is falling off top rpm's @ WOT, do not keep pegging the throttle hoping it will get healed or get better..if you are lean, you are lean and you need to richen up.

    This is how I do/did it...I have always taken special care in break-in, my main concern is my jetting and water leaks..if I am not getting rpm's, she is going back in to richen up..if I am still lean, she is going on the trailer, for jet changes.

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