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    manufactures listen up

    my yamaha r1 is speed limited as are all motorcycles ... at 189 due to goverment regulations.... the same as are our jet skis at 70 by the agreement with the coast guard .... in the motorcycle world the manufacture sells them as the gov wants them to... but...they dont limit the performance of the engine ,, drive train or chassis as to hinder the performance ...all they do is when the speedo reads 189 they start pulling timing to keep the speed there ....then yamaha suzuki kawisaki and honda and the aftermarket all sell a parts to override it IE. aftermarket race ecu.. then the racers dont have to race with a hanicap and can go as fast as the machiens will alow ..thats how every AMA race bike is set up ....this could very easily be incorperated to our skis ...manufactures ...winning races sells skis making the hulls so inefficiant to satisfy the coast guard ...doesnt help the racer win races .....there are other ways to keep the speeds at 70 ....while still keep both the coast guard and the consumer happy.... you do that.... then you will sell alot of boats....that makes your share holders happy ..that is what you are supposed to be there to do .....
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