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    school me on whats needed for a turbo kit

    wondering what is needed to convert from sc to turbo.
    parts for turbo
    parts for motor


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    Talk to GH or Stickem.

    You will be on your own to make it actually fit.

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    Bare bones, I believe its the turbo kit, a rear exhaust, a rising rate fuel pressure regulator, and a wide band O2 sensor(LM1). Probably upgraded injectors.

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    So far it looks like $$$$'s

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    the turbo kit in the online store comes with everything you need and was plumbed and setup to work with a Riva/Vortech intercooler.

    it's your choice what type of ignition/fuel management you use... there are many options:
    stock ecu
    rr ecu
    riva ecu
    rude fuel controller
    various injector sizes
    rising rate fpr
    full blown EMS
    the list goes on...

    it comes with all exhaust components needed EXCEPT the thru-hull exhaust tip

    BARE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for the turbo kit if ur starting point is a stock ski:
    exhaust tip mod
    rude fuel controller w/ injectors or rising rate FPR
    Riva intercooler setup

    obviously a prop

    since this is being posted in the conversion forum obviously the turbo compressor output plumbing will need to be modded/fibricated since u wont have exact RXP riva IC plumbing.

    the rest of the fitment issues hydrotoys would know best since he has the RXP/RXT kit in his GPR conversion and is adressing some of the fitment issues.

    a gprxp turbo version is supposed to be released in the future.

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