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    Easy jetting question

    HI! I just bought CrazyA's Tauceti Flame arrestors and was wondering what jet size if any to increase? or just open up some screws?

    98 xl1200 only mod F/A's and a rebuild to second oversize stock jets are 135 mains across the board and lows are 100 95 and 97.5
    thanks for any input Z

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    I put 100's accross the board on my lows for the 65U. I had a midrange lean problem on cylinder #1. After a phone call to Mike Thorne AKA Pistonwash I decided to up my pilot jets. That cured the midrange lean problem. The 135's worked fine with the Riva cone flame arrestors and choke plates removed. I believe my high speed screws were all set at 1 1/2 turns out.

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    Cool! I forgot I have the choke plates out also! Thats in line with what Addicted suggested also
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