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    Reflashed ECU @ 8600 RPM's

    Just want to point something out so everyone should be careful.
    With the original RR ECU when you would bang the limiter, you would see the red light on the display and the ski would sputter. With the new one, I noticed when I was at 8550 there was no indication at all that I was on the limiter. It was still just going WOT. If I would not have been looking at the display, I would have continued going. Or, does the red light and sputtering not occur until 8600?

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    When i tested the new ECU it would toggle back and forth between 8600 and 8550 and the red light would come on.

    It seems the ECU just cuts it back 50 RPM's

    With the old flash it would knock it back down to 8350

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