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    Jared of Oklahoma
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    Is anyone familiar w/these skis and other ??s

    I bought two ski's about an hour ago. One is a 1993 Kawasaki 750 SS the other is a 1993 650 and it says X-2 on the front. The 750 SS has no fading in the graphics and looks really awesome except for the mats, and the seat is faded. The 650 needs the seat recovered but other than that looks cool.. I got them both for $1300 on a crappy but rebuildable trailer. The trailer looks like it came from Harbor Freight. I think I can modify it to make a real nice double trailer. Did I get a good deal?? The guy I bought them from said the previous owner had the engines rebuilt. The motors look brand new and sound real good. I could not lake test them because it is way too cold here right now... Any advice or suggestions is welcomed...

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    sounds like yo ugot a fair deal.

    i have seen nice 750 SS's go for 1000.00 to 1200.00 alone. an X-2 is typically worth 600.00 to 800.00.

    the 750 SS is a nice ridding little ski. the X-2 is more difficult to ride. it takes some skill, and you will get a good work out, and wet. lots of fun. and both have seperate forum sections dedicated to the X-2. they have "cult like" following.

    have fun.


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