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Thread: GTX SC Boost

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    GTX SC Boost

    What is the stock boost on the04 GTX SC? I want to do the Riva/Vortech impeller that should bump boost levels up a touch, out of curiousity what is the maximum boost this engine can hadnle stock? I have the 185 motor and i know these run higher compression ratios than the 215 motors, so im guessing the Rude Charger and C-Kit wouldnt be applicable to the 185 motor? Let me know what you guys think...

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    the 185hp runs no intercooler,lower rev limiter and lower fuel pressure so no the big s/c is not really an option.
    I have fitted a les cooke A wheel with good results just need to run either a stock rxp fuel regulor (60psi) or run adjustable rising rate regulator.
    You also need to repitch or replace the impellor(jetunit) as you will end up on or very close to the rev limiter which is the killer of s/c clutches

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