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    to port or not to port

    ok well here is what I was thinking. 01 gp1200r I was orignally gonna go the 1390 route over this winter but kinda low on the funds being into the motocross scene kinda takes a bit of my money so I was thinking about just having my cylinders ported. Also I am in the process of buying an 05 pump set up with 14/20 dynafly. Was planned on having the head milled and carbs sent to IR to have rebuilt jetted and accelerator pumps removed for whatever setup I go with f/a kit. Already have a 3 degree keyway (not sure if this is safe to use with a milled head and pump gas) d plate, jet works mod, 1200 r&d grate and worked r&d plate also ppk.
    Also gonna try and pick up the VF3 setup. My question is what kinda speed can I see outta this setup and what about does the porting cost on the 1200 cylinders and to get the head milled. I already have 3 new pro x piston kits for these cylinders so I was kinda hoping to stay with the 1200 setup. Do I need to have the cases ported? How much would that help? sorry for all the questions just wanna pick a route and stick with it. Thanx

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    Also (sorry to interupt here) just like to add another question... which is better option...

    Ported 1200 OR non Ported 1300 (assuming all other mods the same with higher comp, reeds etc etc...).

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    What are your goals with your setup - just topend? holeshot? all around rec boat?
    If you are trying to do it without going overboard on costs I would do as you mentioned and use your new pistons and port the cyls.

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    Man, that's like asking "which car should I buy?". Opinions will be all over the place. Slap parts on a ported 1200 and get one speed. Add hull (plate/grate/tabs/sponsons) tuning and get another speed. Depends on how much work you are willing/capable of doing.

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    more all around rec boat. I was hoping for at least 75. Willing to do work def. but dont wont to spend more time working than riding.

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    Go 1300 ported

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    no warranty: go pre-mix , go with the port job ! listen to people like fullboogie on the carb specs.
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    My opinion. I would just put all the parts on and get the head milled. Get it dailed in it should run 72mph-75mph depending on your tunning abilities.
    I would wait till I had enough money later on and go with a 1390 but thats just me.

    Theres a set of VF3's for sale in the classified right now with low hours. Ported cases are not needed. It should work fine with the 3 degree key and milled head as long as you run 92+ octane fuel.

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    I agree with Ronn. You can get 75 plus out of a non ported 1200. Then in a season or two go ported 1300.

    So R&D 800 grate
    Jims Plate
    Stepped stock sponsons
    shim trim tabs .060 ea location
    milled head
    R&D D-Plate
    Fercho Jetworks mod
    85 mm nozzle no siphon tube - block visability spout
    14/20 Dynafly with high pressure pump
    VF3 Reeds you need these and compression for the Dynafly
    Prok F/A's

    Rejet carbs:

    110 Pilots
    1.5 N&S 95G springs (dull silver)
    125 mains

    1 turn out lows
    1 1/2 turns out highs

    Remove Accellerator pump

    That should get you 75

    O'Side Bill has carbs he will jet to your specs with T handles and he has VF3 reeds. I saw this stuff in his garage. Its like new.

    In the future Impros or Carl can repitch your impeller, Lowell can bore and port your cylinders and you can rejet your carbs.

    No what I'm trying to say is I'm not trying to steer you into buying anything that only works for the 1200 platform.

    Other enhancements are Advent (Yam 59 my favorite) and gas valves.

    Better reinforce that tunnell too!

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    To Port or not to Port

    A quality port job will yeild incredible results with limited reduction of life.

    I gained 5+ going ported and haven't seen an increase of piston or ring wear.

    The power is incredible and very addictive. Don't go there if you can't handle it!

    At this point with the info I have, TJ and Lowell are the only people I would contact for porting.

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