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Thread: Rxp Coolant

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    Rxp Coolant

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get the coolant level 3/4 inch under the cold level on the RXP expansion tank. 2004 model.

    The reason I ask is I got back from holidays and checked the levels and found that my level was 3/4 an inch under the cold level. I used the ski for about 20 hours wave jumping and towing ski tubes on holidays. I didn't check it before I went on holidays. The ski has 60 hours on it now and was serviced 10 months ago. I didn't find any leaks of coolant under the engine and it went like a rocket for the holidays with no problems. Just wondering if it used a lot of coolant because of the towing bit.

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    was the coolant recently serviced?...PR...

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    It was serviced about 20-25 hours ago (10 months ago). I put it into the shop 10 months ago just to have it serviced as it had not been for 12 months, so I guess they would have done the coolant. But I guess what I really want to know is if with the heavy work the ski had been doing for the last 20 hours if it would use that much coolant or if I should be looking for other problems

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    Coolant is not a wear item per say, so no you shouldn`t be using coolant normally. If you had the coolant changed then yes you would normally top the coolant tank off after the ski has fully warmed up.
    only thing I can suggest is top off the tank when cold just above the COLD fill line and keep an eye on it. It will rise slightly when hot and as it cools drop.

    considering you see no leaks and are not seeing smoke out the tail/exhaust abnormally, this is about all you can do without pressure testing the coolant system and looking for a blown head gasket...
    I`m sure more peeps will chime in...PR...

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