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    Head install question

    Quick question on head install....

    Got the head on and everything appeared lined up properly (used proper crank and cam locking tools as well as proper dial indicator, torque specs, etc...)

    When I turn the motor over by hand I hear the valvetrain springs rebound (as I expected) and the motor turns over freely....I'm seeing no bind anywhere and it all appears correct...

    Just as a check before I fire it up to check the compression...if the thing was set up incorrectly (off a tooth or more, etc...) and the valves were hitting the piston there's no way I'd be able to turn it over by hand correct? I mean I shouldn't expect to be able to turn it over by hand, think everything's fine and then the first time I fire it up I smack a piston with the valves and blow it all to hell correct?

    It would seem that if it was off and a valve was trying to make contact with the pistons I'd be able to tell at this point....

    Just looking for some comfort from those of you with experience with this since it is my first one...

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    If you used the locking tools and have everything buttoned up (cam tensioners in place) and can turn it over by hand, you are good to go. It is almost impossible to get it wrong if you use the tools ,install the tensioners, and THEN check to see that the timing gear marks are level to the head.

    Now on the other hand, if you don't use the locking tools...

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    Reading your pain is specifically why I have been so hesitant and asked so many questions during this process...

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