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    Touring custom Fuel Cell

    I have mentioned this before and was curious if there were any peeps out there that would be SERIOUSLY interested (that would mean opening your wallet ) in an aluminum or plastic ~5-10 gallon custom fuel cell that would be mounted to the rear deck with minimal penetrations if any. (i'm thinking at least one penetration for automatic transfer. I imagine very custom fitted to minimally impede loading/unloading, possibly with provisions for fishing poles/gear. This would be for the LX and 250X.

    I would guestimate it would run $500 - $700 smakaroonies if aluminum and hardware for transfer.

    This is not on my top priority list, but would spend some more time on it if enough were interested.

    Mitch and gang, where are you? I miss your posts, phenominal adventures, and riding conditions!

    Ideas are welcome, please be meticulous.

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    I don't think Mitch would be interested in this for the Ultra as it is for sale .

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    ES; I'm down for this.. I had to bail early on our group ride today because I was WOT for 55+ miles.. Everyone else went 85+..

    It would be great if this could have a disconnect for shorter rides; but I won't complain if it doesn't..

    Work it up and let me know what it would take.. I'm sure if it works out for us we'll have a couple of friends go in..



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    Quote Originally Posted by lordblack View Post

    Work it up and let me know what it would take.. I'm sure if it works out for us we'll have a couple of friends go in..

    LB Ive been all in on this project from day one. Your direct approach with EShkr has not always worked that well for me. I usually have to be more roundabout. But I'm not you LB, so this may just work!

    Here is a standard 10 gall that can be strapped securely on back of Ultra. But how do we pressurize the tank to push the fuel forward? Maybe EShkr is thinking of 2 more form fitting 5 gall modules?

    BTW How about riding with the 10galls +Riva ride plate + 2deg wedge just for physical conditioning?
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    Here is a refresher on Mitch's fuel tanks.

    Cool black 6 gall.

    EShkr, what kind of fittings do we want on the tank? How do we pressurize? Better pm me Eshkr re royalties. I think we will be able to rally Mitch & others on this one!
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    I really would like it to be polyethelene but doubt that can happen unless someone here has the equipment access.

    My brainstorm basic idea is to waterjet/laser a custom footprint for the tail of the 250X, add baffling or foam blocks, possibly notch in a step (aka increase the cost) add some hydroturf.

    Transfer would be electric diaphragm pump and would only "fill" the main tank. One hull penetration needed and utilizing quick disconnect fittings at the aux tank for removal ease. Unit would hook/strap down to existing cleats without having straps go over the top of the unit.

    The following items will need much more attention: Venting, capping, meeting CG regulations, liability concerns

    Isn't there a company that makes custom aux tanks already????

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